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Make Your Room Look Larger by Hanging Curtains Higher Up on the Wall

The 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings were the first to introduce the concept of trompe l'oeil, or "fool the eye" design to decoration. This concept continued to lead to new ways to trick people into seeing something as bigger, longer, shorter, grander, higher, etc., than it really is. For example, the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles tricks the human perception into thinking that the hall is exceedingly long and very high, but it isn't. It's a concept still widely used in interior design today. You can even change perception of a room with curtains.

Length of Curtains Changes the Size of the Room

It sounds strange, but this actually works. No, the size of the room itself doesn't really change, but the perception of the size of the room does. Long window curtains can make your walls look shorter. Short curtains make the walls look taller. Using more than one panel and tying them back can make your windows look wider and your walls look narrower. It's an optical illusion, or a "fool the eye" technique. 

Hanging your curtains higher up can also make the room, and your windows, look taller. Whatever visual trick you are attempting, the curtains can make a big impact in your attempts.

Patterns vs. Solid Colors

Patterned curtains versus solid color curtains make a difference too. Patterns break up the appearance of a uniform wall. Solid colors that match the wall paint create the illusion that there are no windows, and the wall is one continuous structure. If you have windows in the middle of your walls, you can create the illusion of a solid wall with a long panel of curtain matching your wall paint, or you can make the windows stand out using a print curtain. If you opt for the latter, you break up the appearance of a solid wall by "announcing" that the window is there.

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