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The Top Reasons Roman Shades Are Increasing in Popularity

Roman shades have been around for centuries. They are recently gaining popularity as the go-to window treatment for a number of reasons. If you are looking for new window treatments, you should consider Roman shades.

1. Roman Shades Offer the Most Privacy

Roman shades are quite opaque and do not allow a lot of light, much less ability to view, through the shade. Nobody can see into your home and you can't really see out. When you want to be certain that a room in your home cannot be visually invaded, the Roman shade is ideal.

2. Roman Shades Are Very Durable

Curtains can be shredded or ripped by pets and kids. Blinds crack and split and fall apart over time and need frequent replacing. Roman shades, however, are made of very durable, often tear-resistant fabrics that cannot be ripped or end up with holes in them. When you decorate your windows with Roman shades, you can expect these shades to last a very long time.

3. Roman Shades Come in Lots of Colors

Often made of cotton, canvas, or linen, Roman shades come in dozens of colors. They will match every color scheme you have in every room of your home. Their popularity is even pushing for these shades to come in prints, giving you even more decorating choices than before.

4. They're Available as Blackout and Fade-Resistant Shades Too

If you need shades over your windows that black out light so you can sleep better, there are room darkening versions of Roman shades. These are ideal for people who work graveyard shift or who have the misfortune of having a house or apartment right in the full glare of a street light.

If you are worried about shades bleaching out from the sun, there are fade resistant Roman shades too. Hang these in areas of your home where the full blast of the midday sun comes through the windows. The shades will maintain their color for several years.

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