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Why Choose Us for Honeycomb Shades?

Our experts are here to guide you through the process, collaborating with you to select fabrics, styles, and

accessories that capture the essence of your home.

Transform your windows into works of art with Home Town Window Coverings - where customization meets craftsmanship.

 Contact us today to begin your personalized window treatment experience.

We have a passion for design and a commitment to excellence! 

We love Honeycomb Shades

Our Custom Window Treatments & Accessories

IMG_0876 (1).jpg
Honeycomb Shades down.heic
Honeycomb Shades Top Down BU with Draperies .HEIC
Draperies NB and Honeycomb Top Down BU.jpg
Honeycomb Shade Kids Room.HEIC
Honeycomb_Nevitt_living room_edited.jpg
Motorized Honeycomb Shades.HEIC
Honeycomb and Roman Shades (2)_edited.jpg
Honeycomb Shades w Top Down Bottom Up Feature (Fox Oswaks).HEIC
Honeycomb Shades Privacy.heic
Draperies w Honeycomb Top Down BU.jpg
Draperies w Honeycomb Shades Closed.jpg
Honeycomb TDBU.jpg
Honeycomb Shades Top Down Bottom Up (Fox Oswaks).HEIC
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