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Woven Woods shades in Texas

Woven Wood Shades - Features

The woven wood shades are full of features that can make you feel great about them. Some of the features are as follows:


Privacy is not a concern in the case of woven wood shades in Georgetown. You can use light weighted liner for optimal light filtration and a blackout liner for the privacy of the next level in your space.


The cordless lift in the woven wood shades ensures that the kids and the pets are safe inside the room because of the cordless lift. The cordless lift is safe for the kids in the room.

03 Edge binding

Add a decorative edge binding and accent the shade. Add an edge-binding from our comprehensive selection of printed and robust tapes. 

Soft dimensional folds

Use woven wood shades for a clean and elegant look. We ensure you get a simple and contemporary look to the windows and room.


Add warmth and character to the room by adding woven wood shades. We at hometown window coverings pay homage to modernists and traditionalists' unique textures in nature.

close up photo of brown wooden flooring_edited.jpg
close up photo of brown wooden flooring_edited.jpg
IMG_0882 (1).jpg
WovenWoods Open View_Walker _edited.jpg
Woven Woods (Myers) Full View.jpg
close up photo of brown wooden flooring_edited.jpg
Woven Woods (Myers) Room.heic
Woven Woods Top Open View.jpg
Woven Woods Top Down (Close view).jpg
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