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Enhance your Decor with the help of Plantation Shutters

Are you considering enhancing your home decor?

If yes, try the plantation shutters in Georgetown, Texas, from the house of HTWC. 

0It mounts on the window frames. A plantation shutter uses a louvered panel and thin slats. You can adjust these slats to control the light. The plantation shutters in Georgetown provide a viable option for managing the light and maintaining the room temperature and heat. Thus it is a versatile option that gives an aesthetic look and temperature control.

One can opt for different shades and types of shutters, following the need of the window and room. You can have solid wood color interior shutters if you feel like having natural shades of wood. Choose and select composite shutters if you need a cost-effective shutter.

You can choose from a variety of styles as well. One can get shutters with multiple panels with oversize slats. You can choose a wide range of sizes too. 

Enhance your Decor with the help of Plantation Shutters

Square Window

Plantation Shutters: Value for money

The change in the size of the louver size of the plantation shutter can give you a look you have always wished for. It offers the best temperature, light, and privacy control of any window treatment.

The optimum control of the light and temperature makes the plantation shutters the most preferred window treatment. The large size of the louvers gives the window an aesthetic look. 

The permanent fixture is another USP of the plantation shutters because of the way it is mounted on the windows. The plantation shutters add value to the room and the home. Using plantation shutters is a way to enjoy the look and value it offers the window and room.

We at home town window coverings design the plantation shutters that can enhance the beauty quotient of your room. The value our plantation shutters can add to your home is way beyond imagination. 

Benefits of using Plantation Shutters

The plantation shutters have numerous benefits to their name. We are highlighting some of the benefits. Look at the same for more clarity and find out why you should use plantation shutters for your windows.


Why choose Home town window coverings?

Home town window coverings can be an ultimate place where you can have a range of services. We offer plantation shutters in Georgetown, Texas, to cater to the emerging needs of the plantation shutters in Georgetown. Texas. People trust us for the following reasons:

01 Quality Products

HTWC is a name people bank upon for the quality they provide. A significant fraction of their large customer base comprises referred and recurring customers for the quality service.

02 Post Sale Support

This is one of the reasons people love Home Town Window Coverings. After-sales, it’s hard to find the customer support executives on the phone. However, we ensure that our customers feel happy by using our products. Hence, we guarantee customer support services to the next level.

03 Window Treatments mean HTWC in Georgetown:

We are the most trusted brand in the plantation shutters and other window treatments category in Georgetown, Texas.

We enjoy the customer visiting our local store and selecting from the comprehensive range of window treatments for their window.

04 Customer-Centric Company

We form our policies following the customers. Suppose we find any of our policies is not suitable for the customers. In that case, we believe in amending it with immediate effect.


Our team is here to assist and guide you in making the best decision for all your window covering needs.


Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation.

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