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  • Grady Griffith

3 Reasons Why You Need an Expert to Help You With Your Window Treatments

Picking out window treatments involves so many decisions. Do you choose curtains, drapes, shades, or blinds? May you choose a combination of some of these? Colors and styles play a part too. Before you throw your hands up and buy whatever, you should hire an expert for help.

Experts View the Room Where the Window Treatments Are Needed

The first thing an expert will do is look at the room where the window treatments will hang. How big are the windows? The expert measures for length and width and takes into account the maximum length and width for window coverings based on the measurements. The color scheme is important too, although you could get away with a very neutral colored window covering. It's also important for the expert to take note if the furniture in the room covers all or part of the windows present.

Experts Want to Know What Your Window Covering Goals Are

Do you just want something draped over the window, or are you attempting privacy from prying eyes? Maybe you need room darkening curtains or shades because you work at night and sleep during the day. Perhaps you want something really decorative and extravagant instead of just plain. These are all questions an expert will ask to get an idea of what you want to cover your windows. 

Experts Offer a Variety of Window Treatments You May Not Have Considered

Curtains are the standard in window treatments, but blinds are a go-to covering that are inexpensive. If you opt for blinds, then you have to decide if you want horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, etc. Curtains are made from all kinds of fabric, including velvet, cotton, satin, silk, and embroidered tulle. Drapes are extremely heavy, thick, and occlude everything from view, including sunlight. Shades are pull-down or drawstring coverings often paired with drapes or curtains. These are all things the expert will show you and how you can use them to cover your windows.

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