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  • Grady Griffith

The Best Types of Window Treatments to Install if You Live in a Warm Climate

Your Texas home probably experiences a lot of fluctuations in temperature, making it difficult to set your thermostat for comfort. One really important way to fix that is with window treatments. There are some really excellent options to help you cool or warm your home with curtains and shades.

Gauze-y Chiffon or Embroidered Lace Curtains

They may not provide much in terms of privacy, but these curtains filter light and allow more warmth in on cooler days. When you open windows for air, they elegantly waft in the breeze. On breezeless hot days when you still want the windows open, they won't block any air coming in. Their lightweight fabric doesn't hold heat in place and make a room uncomfortable.

Light Blocking Shades

Sunlight is really intense here in the Lone Star state. For that reason, you may want light blocking shades. They do double duty as top-notch privacy coverings and keep out a lot of the light that can overheat your home midday. If you work shifts opposite of most daytime workers (i.e., you work overnight and sleep during the day), you get better sleep as a result of blocking out the excess sunlight.

Smart Blinds and Smart Shades

Imagine being able to control or program motorized shades from your smart device or from your whole-home automation system. That is what these blinds and shades do. You can set them up or manually adjust them for different times of day. Doing so helps control how much light and heat your home collects all day long. They will cost you more, but the level of convenience they provide is worth it, especially if you are the type that forgets to draw the shades midday when the sun is at its highest and hottest.


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