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  • Grady Griffith

The Top 4 Benefits of Installing Motorized Shades in Your Bedroom

You could put any kind of curtain, blind, shade, or drape over your bedroom windows and call it a day. However, there are motorized shades that might be the best thing you can install in your bedroom. The benefits more than make up for the cost.

Benefit #1: Raise or Lower Shades From Your Bed

You never have to get up to open the window treatments. Simply point the remote at the shades and press the up or down button. Your shades will open or close without you even leaving the comfort of your bed. 

Benefit #2: Use Motorized Shades to Set the Mood

Want to woo your partner? Signaling that you would like to engage him or her in the bedroom by lowering the shades via remote is a pretty smooth move. You don't have to say a thing. The motorized shades dropping say it all for you.

Benefit #3: Block Out All Light

If you work when the rest of the world sleeps and sleep when the rest of the world works, motorized shades are perfect for you. When they are lowered, they block out all light, creating the right environment for a good day's sleep. Sleep as long as you like, and never have sunlight interrupt your sleep.

Benefit #4: Help Control Room Temperature

These shades block a lot of light, which can cause increased temperatures in your bedroom. Control the temperature in your bedroom by lowering the shades part or all the way during the day. You can close or open the shades in the late afternoon, evening or open them at night if you prefer. Using the shades to adjust room temperature can help lower your heating and cooling costs too.

Installing Motorized Shades

This is not a DIY kind of window treatment. Hire a professional to install these shades for you. That way they will function as expected and are less likely to break down after they are installed.

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