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Are Roman Shades Right for Your Needs?

There are plenty of different window treatments you can buy to cover your windows and give you privacy in your home. One type of window treatment is the Roman shade. It is similar to a blind in that it is drawn up and released down with a string and pulley system. However, Roman shades don't share much else with slat blinds.

Roman Shades Are All Cloth

Roman shades are constructed from panels of cloth in many different colors. Small flat rods separate an individual panel into sections that are all connected. The rods act as the connecting points for the drawstrings to hoist the shade upward and release it downward. While you can surface-clean a Roman shade, you can't ever fully wash it, despite its cloth construction.

What Roman Shades Offer

Roman shades are frequently opaque and do not allow for prying eyes to see through. In fact, it is quite difficult to see anything through the windows when Roman shades are down. This is in sharp contrast with blinds where you can still see through the slats even when the blinds are down. Overall, the Roman shades offer greater privacy and more decorating options than just blinds. Roman shades are also much more durable than blinds and some types of curtains. 

Easy to Install

Roman shades are just as easy to install as blinds. Some metal hardware screwed into the framework of your windows are necessary, but then the shades pop right onto and into the hardware. The shades are rip-resistant, preventing feline friends from damaging your window coverings and pulling them down.

They Last Longer

Plastic blinds frequently snap, break, or fall apart over time. Roman shades don't have components that will snap or break. They last longer than blinds because they are very difficult to ruin.

Are Roman Shades Right for You?

The answer to that question depends on what you need from your window treatments. If you want something simple, colorful, durable, and greater privacy, then yes, Roman shades are perfect for your home.

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